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We are pastors and politicians. We are police officers and social workers. We are teachers and business owners. We are nurses, doctors, and administrators. We are community organizers and youth counselors.

We love this town, and we believe it is time for all of us to acknowledge the growing problem with mental health and substance use in our community. We aren’t unique in facing this problem, but we are unique in our sense of community and our ability to come together to provide solutions.

Our board and members have pledged to harness the power that comes from a collaborative drawing from disciplines as diverse as law enforcement, medicine, town government, education, commerce, the faith community, and the Massachusetts state legislature. 

Ipswich Aware is an independent affiliate of the North Shore YMCA which is our fiscal agent. Donations to Ipswich Aware are processed through the Y and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. Donations should be made payable to the North Shore Y for specific support of Ipswich Aware.


Dr. Brian Blake, Superintendent Ipswich Schools
Rev. Brad Clark, Rector, Ascension Memorial Church
Dave Clark, Ipswich Business Owner
Julia Parisien, Ipswich Resident, HR Professional
Officer Joe Perna, Ipswich Police
Chris Nadai, Essex Resident, YMCA Board Member



Ilia Stacy, Program Director

Miriah Corso, (Adult) Youth Leadership Facilitator


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