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Caretaker Resource Guide

How to Help Your Child Avoid

Substance Use


Drug Prevention Tips for Every Age: (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)


Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention: (Source: DEA)

Positive Parenting Tips: (Source:  CDC)

Prevention Tips, Middle School: (Source:   Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health)


Preparing Your Young Children for a Healthy, Drug-free future:

(Source:   Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health)


Talking to Your Middle School-Aged Child about Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs: (Source:  Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health)


Teen brain development, teen behavior and preventing drug use:

(Source:   Partnership to End Addiction)


Why do teens drink and use substances, and is it "normal"?:

(Source:   Partnership to End Addiction)


Medication Misuse: What You Need to Know to Help Protect Children, Teens and Young Adults:  (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)

How to Talk to Teens About Edibles




Drug Prevention Tips for Every Age: (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)


Prevention Tips, High School: (Source:   Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health)


Preventing Drug Use: Connecting and Talking with Your Teen:                

(Source: Partnership to End Addiction)

Substance Use + Mental Health in Teens and Young Adults: (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)

My Child Tried Drugs. What Should I Do?:  Source:  Partnership to End Addiction)     

If You Discover Your Child is Using Drugs: Start Talking: (Source:  Partnership to End Addiction)


Addressing Substance Use: Set Limits & Monitor Behavior: (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)                    


Active Listening: How to Stop Fighting and Start Communicating: (Source:  Partnership to End Addiction)               


Use Positive Reinforcement to Help Change Behavior: (Source: Partnership to End Addiction)


Setting Limits & Monitoring Behavior to Prevent Substance Use: (Source:   Partnership to End Addiction)    


When Your Child Sees Substance Use as an Answer, Not a Problem: (Source:  Partnership to End Addiction)


A Parent’s Guide to Teen Parties:  (Source: American Academy of Pediatrics)

Reference Books


The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide: A Neurodevelopmental Guide for Parents and Families Who Want to Prevent Youth High-Risk Behavior 
by Crystal Collier PhD| October 15, 2020  "Brain-Based-Parenting"

How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid: The Straight Dope for Parents

by Joseph A. Califano | Sep 9, 2014

The Parent's 20 Minute Guide (Second Edition) Paperback – January 26, 2016 

by The Center for Motivation and Change 


The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults

by Frances E. Jensen and Amy Ellis Nutt | Jan 6, 2015


Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety: A Complete Guide to Your Child's Stressed, Depressed, Expanded, Amazing Adolescence

by Dr. John Duffy  | Jan 1, 2021


Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World

by Vivek H Murthy M.D.  | Apr 7, 2020

Understanding Addiction: Know Science, No Stigma 

Paperback – June 19, 2021 by  Dr. Charles Smith  (Author), Dr. Jason Hunt  (Author)


Undoing Drugs: The Untold Story of Harm Reduction and the Future of Addiction 

Hardcover – July 27, 2021 by  Maia Szalavitz  (Author)


If You Love Me: A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Opioid Addiction 

Hardcover – September 4, 2018 by  Maureen Cavanagh  (Author)

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